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Identification Policy

All patrons wishing to check out books must present their Tri-College ID or Yellow Bryn Mawr Card (usually Alumnae or Proxy) in order to borrow library materials or request information about their account. If a person does not have their Borrowing card, please ask them to get it before any materials can be checked out to them. Do NOT take other identification in lieu of a valid Tri-College ID or BMC Borrowing card – even if you know the patron. You need to have their barcode to access their account.

Students with carrels will have a Yellow Borrowing Card. They MUST have this (or their barcode) in order to check a book out to their carrel. You can no longer enter in the carrel number manually. If they do not have a carrel card, tell them to see Laura.

If a patron calls on the phone to ask for information about her record or to request renewals, etc. over the phone, they must first give you the barcode on the account. Then verify her identity by asking her to confirm her phone number AND home address before doing anything or giving her any information about her account.  This is the ONLY WAY a patron can request information or transactions on her account over the phone.  Information can only be given to the patron herself, not a parent or friend.

If you are ever in doubt of a patron’s identity in person or over the phone, refer them to a supervisor.

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Checking Books to Carrels

All carrel holders need to show their Yellow Borrowing card to check out books to their carrel. You cannot enter the carrel number  – you MUST scan the barcode on their card. If they do not have a carrel card, direct them to Laura who will issue them a new card. Place a long thin carrel card in the book with a June 1, 2016 due date. Books checked out to carrels are NOT permitted to leave the library and will set off the alarm if attempted. If they want to leave the library with the book, they will have to check it out to their personal account (if a non-limited circulation book).

Only Carpenter books can be checked out to Carpenter carrels. Books requested from other libraries must be checked out to the patron and not the carrel. If you try to check out a non-Carpenter book to a carrel, the system will prompt you with a pop-up saying that it is “loan rules says non-circulating.” Do NOT override this. Ask the patron to check it out to their personal library account.

Books checked out to carrels have a due date of June 1 2016! Only carrels have this due date. It means that the book is in the library, and therefore, other patrons can access the book on that carrel. If a patron asks which carrel a book is at, you can search the book in Millennium under “search.” Double click on the entry that is checked out with a 06-01-2015 date. On the left hand side is a field called patron#. Click on this and it will bring up the number of the carrel. You can tell the patron ONLY which carrel the book is located – no other information about that carrel can be disclosed or discussed.

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White phone for helping with rooftop accessibility

The white phone (it’s really an intercom) at the desk serves an important purpose: outside the roof-top entrance is a call box, and anyone needing assistance, specifically help opening that door, can call from outside. If you get a call from that phone while you are working, and you can see, via the screen, that someone is there and needs help opening the door, you should go up and hold the door open for them. We’ll do this even over the weekend or in the evening for someone legitimately needing help to have the door held open for them.

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off-site storage

Some older books, mostly classified with Dewey, not LC call numbers, will have a pop-up message “belongs at off-site storage. These books go to Swarthmore so do print out a slip to accompany the book and place book with slip in the McCabe storage 2

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Paging is the term for the requests patrons place on library books. In particular, Trico users place requests on Carpenter books.
In almost all cases, a Haverford or Swarthmore patron is requesting a book that we have in our stacks, like this:
Title Alexander the Great : history and legend in art / editor, Kate Ninou ; assistant editor, Loula Kypraiou ; translation, Judith Binder, David Hardy
Publisher [Thessalonika, Greece] : Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, 1980
B Carpenter NX652.A5 A4 AVAILABLE

Patrons make the online request via the request button on the right: Request

The two workers with the 10pm-12am shift “do” the paging (i.e., print out the requests, collect the books, check them in, put them in the appropriate tri-co box) every evening during that shift, Sunday night through Thursday night. We also have an afternoon pager for requests going in the afternoon pickup of the tri-co boxes; that pager does the paging between noon and two PM Monday through Friday and then again at some point on Saturday.
The pagers print out the paging slips from the “Notices” section in Milcirc – “prepare” and print to Bcar – make sure the printer is ready to go and has paper…

Pagers need to be sure when pulling requested items that the barcode on the paging slip matches the barcode on the item, since there can be multiple volumes and copies but it’s the barcode that makes the match. Also before going to the stacks to collect the paged items, check the status as listed on the paging slip. Set aside for Jeremy or Camilla any slips that don’t have an “available” status. Do cancel the hold for any book being requested by a Bryn Mawr patron – they should come and get it themselves. See the “cancelling holds” entry for an explanation of how to do that. In that situation, say yes to printing out a hold cancellation notice and select the message “dropped hold – own library” so that the patron gets an email that will explain this.

The books gathered should be checked in; that will put them into transit to the library that the patron requested in the process of placing the hold. Then place the books in the correct trico box. Be sure to add a yellow band along with the folded paging slip for books requested by ILL; EZborrow requests get a blue band. A supply of these bands is on the counter.

When checking in books coming to us in the trico delivery, be sure to send the hold pickup notices. Doing that sends a message to patrons that their requested books have arrived and are ready to be checked out by them.

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Compact Shelving

The new sections of compact shelving, N folio through N double folio on B floor, can freeze if we have a power outage, and that shelving is not in its “home position”. The home position is with all the shelves compacted toward the Head of Juno end of the library and any controls flashing red have been cleared. When they are set like that, a power outage will not effect them. If they are frozen, Jeremy or Camilla will call O’Brien Shelving, 610-825-3405 to have a repair person sent out to reset them.

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When Tripod is down and then when all of Tripod, including Tripod Classic is down

The new Tripod goes down several times a semester. It will display a message “Error – Server is down” or something to that effect. When this happens, almost always you can still connect to Tripod Classic – here’s the url:
Also if all of Tripod is down, which happens maybe once every two or three years, patrons can still get call numbers for books by looking them up in World Cat.

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Circulation Tutorial

Here’s the address for the self-directed Circulation Tutorial that all workers use to learn the basics of Millennium.
Note: three things that Carpenter does differently than outlined in this program:
Renewals – we don’t renew items for patrons over the phone. We instruct patrons that they should be able to renew the item by logging into their record. If on a given item no further renewals are allowed, then they have to return it. See ILL & EZborrow information for those renewal procedures.
Fines – patrons should go to Guild (n. 27 on this map) to pay library fines. None of the Bryn Mawr libraries collect or receive money for fines.
Bookings – Carpenter doesn’t use this feature for any of our items, including reserves.

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Missing Books

If a patron can’t find a book or any library materials (DVDs, Cds) in the stacks, ask them to fill out a missing books form online ( or on Library homepage under Circulation and Access – Forms on right hand column under “searching”). If a patron seems reluctant to fill it out, do it for them so that we have a record of missing books.  Even if the patron doesn’t want to be notified we should still search for the book.

The Missing books person (Collections Maintenance Supervisor) will search for it, and if it still can’t be located, will change the status to missing.

If a pager can’t find a paged item, they should set the paging slip aside for Laura, along with the paged items that have any status other than “available” such as “in cat dept” or “in labeling”. Laura will follow up with those items, and the missing items will have the hold canceled and the status changed to “missing”.

NOTE: in the public view missing books display as “on search”. This status gets updated to “lost” after the item has been missing for more than one semester. The lost status displays to the public as “lost”. In general we’ll run a list of all the “on search” items that have been missing more than a semester and update them to “lost” and add a note in the item to indicate when we last searched for them. The librarians will go over the list of lost items on a regular basis to order replacement copies as needed.


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Classroom schedule fall 2013

classroom schedule Fall 2013
This lists the schedules for Carpenter Rooms B13, B15, B17, B25, & B21

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